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We've Got Mail: Volume 13

Image of a postcard for Honest History


We've received some amazing postcards from our readers over the past few years. Brooke Knight, our Editor-in-Chief, is back answering your questions in the 13th installment of We've Got Mail. As always, we love reading all your suggestions and notes, so please keep them coming!

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Letter from Pyper


Hi Pyper,

What a wonderful idea! I love the idea of having a little pocket in each issue of Honest History where kids can store treasures relating to the topic of each issue. And I love the idea of covering origami! I’ve recently started thinking about getting back into it myself (it was quite the passion of mine when I was a kid) and I think it’s something more kids should get into. 

Thanks for all your wonderful suggestions and for writing in!

 Postcard from Griffin

Hi Griffin,

I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying the magazine. Mazes were some of my favorite activities as a kid, and it was something I knew I wanted to include when we first came up with the idea of starting a kid’s magazine. Keep studying history and maybe, one day, you can be one of the amazing writers who contribute to Honest History!


Postcard from Brooke


Hi Brooke,

I always love hearing from a name-buddy! It's amazing that your mom works for a magazine. Running a magazine is a lot of work, but it is something that brings me so much joy. I hope each issue of Honest History inspires you to go out and make a positive impact on history. As history has taught us, time and time again, one person can make all the difference.


Postcard from Cal


Hi Cal,

Great idea to include a crossword puzzle! I’ll look into it, and see if we can make that happen in the next issue of the magazine. Thanks so much for writing in!

Happy Reading!


Young Historians! Do you have questions about our kids magazine? Is there a topic you want us to cover? Please send us a note (or drawing). It might appear on our next installment of We've Got Mail. And, as always, happy reading!