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We've Got Mail: Volume 9

Postcard with writing on it


It's that time again! Let's dive into our ninth installment of We've Got Mail. Brooke, our editor-in-chief, is responding to our young historians' questions and suggestions. Be sure to read our previous installments here: First Volume | Second Volume | Third Volume | Fourth Volume | Fifth Volume | Sixth Volume | Seventh Volume | Eighth Volume.


Postcard 1


Hi Eddie,

I’m so happy that you are enjoying our magazines and podcast! I love your suggestions for a magazine issue on cinema! The history of movies (and television) is very interesting, and I think that would be a really cool idea for a magazine topic. Thanks so much for writing in and for the great suggestion!

Keep up the reading!

P.S. Where can I get one of your “I love History” T-shirts? 


Postcard 2


Hi Caroline,

First, I’d like to let you know that you have amazing handwriting! Second, an issue on art is a great idea! We cover famous art during the Renaissance in Issue 9 | An Era of Exploration, but there is so much more we could cover when it comes to art and artists. Do you have a favorite artist or work of art? Send me an email and let me know!


Postcard 3


Hi Jamison,

I love that you want to learn more about cowboys and Native people! We have an entire issue written by Native people that I think you would absolutely love. As far as cowboys go, we don’t have an issue about them yet, but your suggestion is definitely giving us some good ideas!

Keep up the learning, and I hope you enjoy the next issue of Honest History.


Postcard 4


Hi Quinn,

I love the suggestion! Now I’m really curious about the history of podcasts and will be doing some independent research when I get off work!

I’m so glad you enjoy our interviews with our featured young historians. I used to love learning about other kids my age when I was a young girl, and I’m happy other kids are enjoying the experience as well. 


Young Historians! Do you have any questions about our kids magazine? Is there a topic you want us to cover? Please send us a note (or drawing). It might appear on our next installment of We've Got Mail. And, as always, happy reading!