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We started Honest History as a place for kids to explore the past and discover truthful stories of people and events that changed the world.

Our Mission is to share important, well-researched stories that inspire kids to make a positive impact on history themselves. We encourage children to conduct their own research and unearth stories long lost, supported by verified facts and accompanied by an eager sense of adventure.


US students performing at national standards for social studies

- National Assessment of Educational Progress


Kids who can't distinguish fact-based media from ads and sponsored content

- Stanford University

10.5 hrs

Time spent by kids ages 8-18 consuming media every DAY

- Kaiser Family Foundation


Parents searching for better educational content for their kids

- Fred Rogers Center

"The answer is not to tell students what to think, but rather to show them how to think"

Zachary Herrmann 

Harvard/UPenn Educator

Let's Learn

We aim to provide a journey connecting kids to Honest History.

Our Leaders

Get to know the team that brings Honest History to life.

Brooke Knight

Co-founder + Editor-in-chief

Brooke is a proud mom and history nerd passionate about responsible education. With a background in childhood education and writing, she leads the development and creation of each issue, placing an emphasis on working with talented educators, historians, experts, and illustrators from around the globe to create an engaging, important resource for kids. Her core focus is on Honest History's mission and she is most inspired by the children reading every issue.

Brooke also loves drinking lots of tea, reading, and dreaming of Italian food.

David Knight

Co-founder + CEO

David is proud to serve Honest History's mission of inspiring kids to create a positive future. A strong believer in a customer-first approach to business, he leads the company's innovation and commercial goals guided by the responsibility of providing educational products for kids. David has a background in business strategy and operations with a bachelor's degree in journalism.

David is based in Los Angeles where he enjoys spending time with his children and watching baseball games.

Heidi Coburn

Head of Research

Heidi leads the team's editorial research for all of Honest History's publications, including supplemental curriculum resources, magazines and books. She is a historian by profession with a PhD in history from the University of Cambridge. As a historian with a creative mind, she also leads Honest History's podcast and enjoys illustrating each magazine's Herbert and Wells comic. Heidi is inspired by sharing fact-based stories with kids and puts Honest History's mission at the center of her work.

Heidi loves being with family and hopes to one day have a pet duck.

Our Contributors

Meet our talented writers, illustrators, educators, historians, and more.