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Honest History Readers

A classroom magazine created for responsible education.


Meet our classroom magazine connecting students to content they love through a thematic, multi-perspective approach to responsible education. It's your new cross-curricular literacy and social studies solution. 

What's good 

about Honest History Readers?

The Last Social Studies + Literacy Solution You'll Need.


Aligns with the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards and the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy. Honest History Readers are also correlated to the Social Justice Standards as part of the Framework for Anti-Bias Education.

No added sugar

Students will study topics like independence, conservation, storytelling, technology and innovation, international relations, animal ethics, and more through the lenses of history, civics, culture, economy, and geography. They will see themselves in the articles and engage with literature and art pieces that connect to the concepts of each Reader.

Social Studies & Literacy

This is not your traditional textbook. The content is designed thematically and includes a wide variety of features that are interwoven to reinforce ideas and concepts that are critical to a well-rounded social studies curriculum and literacy skillset. Teachers and students use all components or mix and match them to spark interest and engagement before, during, and after reading.

Printed & Delivered

Each set includes nine printed volumes a year, with additional sets available each year. Volumes are bundled and delivered together, so the pace of learning is up to you. 

The Content Teachers Love To Teach

Unpack social studies + literacy like never before.

Primary Source Analysis

Readers offer multiple opportunities to examine and evaluate primary sources. The Into the Archives feature directs students to analyze primary sources ranging from maps and letters to artifacts and images.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Look at a Big Question from a variety of perspectives and through a variety of lenses – including History, Economics, Civics, Geography, and Culture. The Geography Feature and In Case You Missed It timeline emphasize skills students use to understand and interpret the events that have shaped the United States.


Each Reader has specific strategies to help students increase their reading aptitude. In addition to reading and literacy strategies, Word Alert includes Key Terms to enable students to gain and understand both academic and domain-specific vocabulary, and Annotation activities engage the students in their reading.

Project-based & Kinesthetic

Students connect history to the world they live in through activities that promote project-based and kinesthetic learning.

Discover the Volumes

Nine Volumes per Year. Start with Any Year.

Readers Year One

Readers Year Two

Unpack your bundle

There are nine Readers per student in each bundle. Print delivery begins in August—order anytime and teach at your own pace. 

Ask the Big Question

Every Reader starts with a Big Question that students will unpack and answer through diverse stories, engaging mini-lessons, activities, and more. 

Engage & Discuss

Readers are the perfect solution to independent reading + small-group lessons. Or, use them with the entire class. They fit where you need them.

Take it home

Keep students engaged and learning at home and get the whole family involved. Homework never looked so fun.

Take A Peek Inside

How did technology shape the US during the 19th century? From a simple idea that impacted a few to a big decision that changed the world, The Age of Electricity evaluates how technology shaped the past and impacted the future.

Why is conservation important? In this volume, discover people like Rachel Carson and the fight for conservation. Students will learn how social movements, bills, and personal changes impact the world around them.

While asking the question of how space exploration has benefited everyone, students will examine the importance of cultural relations and how they shaped the Cold War, pop culture, and the future of space exploration.

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How do I order and pay?

It's simple—we'll send you or your school/district an invoice for payment. No credit card needed.

Request a quote above and we'll send you pricing and order information. Currently, the Readers are only available for 10 or more students.

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Is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes, the Readers are shipped in bundles (one for every student) and we require a minimum order of 10 bundles per classroom.

When will my order ship?

We ship bundles from August-April every year. Orders are shipped within a few days of receiving an order in this window. Orders placed outside this window will be delivered in August. For custom delivery options, please contact us at

What is your refund policy?

Due to the consumable nature of our classroom magazines, we are not able to offer refunds for our Readers.

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