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We've Got Mail: Volume 8

Image of a postcard with handwriting


It's our 8th installment of We've Got Mail! Brooke, our editor-in-chief, has answered some more of our young historians' questions. If you want read our previous installments, check them out here: First Volume | Second Volume | Third Volume | Fourth Volume | Fifth Volume | Sixth Volume | Seventh Volume


Postcard 1


Hi Matilda,

That’s so cool that you and your family are from Australia! I’ve never been to Oz but have always wanted to visit. I think it is so important to learn about the people native to our countries, so I’m thrilled that you were able to learn something about the First Nations people of Australia. It’s important to know our country's (and its people’s) past in order to better shape our future!


Postcard 2


Hi Mabel,

Doing an issue of Honest History about France is a great idea! France has such a rich history and it would be so much fun to cover the country and its people. Thanks for the suggestion!


Postcard 3


Hi Abigale,

I love this idea! Doing an issue on fantasy and legends would cover so many countries and expose kids (and their adults) to the incredible history behind different legends. I’ve heard that some experts believe the myth around dragons came from people in the past discovering dinosaur bones! SO cool, right? Thanks again for the brilliant idea, and I hope you enjoy the next issue of Honest History.


Postcard 4


Hi Judah,

Thanks for taking the time to write in! Many of the topics in Honest History cover North America. You can pick up several issues like Issue 3 | War of the Currents, Issue 15 | A Native Story, and Issue 12 | Special Delivery to learn more about North America. We cover a bit of Central America in Issue 11 | Journey Through the Jungle and have fun plans to cover more of Central and South America in the future. 

Thanks again for the postcard and happy reading!


Young Historians! Do you have any questions about our kids magazine? Is there a topic you want us to cover? Please send us a note (or drawing). It might appear on our next installment of We've Got Mail. And, as always, happy reading!