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We've Got Mail: Volume 12

Postcard to Honest History Magazine


It's wild to think that we're now on our 12th installment of We've Got Mail. Thank you so much to our young historians for sending us your questions and notes. We love hearing from you! Brooke Knight, or Editor-in-Chief, is back answering some of your latests messages.

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Postcard from Patrick


Hi Patrick,

I love the suggestion of a medieval issue. Is there anything medieval in particular you want to learn more about? And I’d love to have the issues come out more frequently! Maybe in the future we will be able to have a new Honest History come out every month!


Postcard from Lola


Hi Lola,

Thanks for the suggestion of adding more activities! So many kids have requested more activities in each issue, and we are working hard to make it happen! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the sherbet recipe in Issue 18. We liked making it and had even more fun drinking it!


Postcard from August


Hi August,

What an incredible list of suggested topics for the magazine! We love hearing what our readers are interested in learning about and appreciate you taking the time to send us mail. Keep up the learning, and I hope you enjoy the next issue of Honest History.


Postcard from Leah


Hi Leah,

Thanks for writing in. Pocahontas had such an amazing story that I think more kids should learn about. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll pass it along to my team and add it to our list.


Young Historians! Do you have questions about our kids magazine? Is there a topic you want us to cover? Please send us a note (or drawing). It might appear on our next installment of We've Got Mail. And, as always, happy reading!