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We've Got Mail: Volume 10

Postcard from Honest History reader Carlyn


We can't believe we're on our tenth volume of We've Got Mail! Thank you so much to our readers for sending us your messages and suggestions. Our editor-in-chief, Brooke Knight, is back answering your incredible questions.


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Postcard from Caroline


Hi Caroline,

You want to be a gymnast when you grow up? That’s amazing! There are so many valuable lessons you can learn through playing sports, and I’m so happy you’ve found something that you love. Keep up the good work and be sure to check our Issue 8 of Honest History magazine. It’s all about the history of the Olympic Games and organized sports.


Postcard from Jackson


Hi Jackson,

I too loved learning about the Revolutionary War! There is so much to unpack when it comes to the Revolutionary War, and I think that would be a really great topic for a future issue. Thanks so much for writing in, and I hope you enjoy the next issue of Honest History.


Postcard from Carlyn


Hi Carlyn,

What a great suggestion! I love to color too, and I think adding more coloring pages is a great idea. Thanks for writing in, and I hope you enjoy the next issue of Honest History.


Postcard from Veda


Hi Veda,

Thanks for writing in! Climate change is a big issue right now and something so many kids want to learn about! I really enjoyed learning about climate change as a young girl and agree that it is something that more people should learn about. Thanks so much for the recommendation! We will add it to our list of potential topics for future issues of Honest History.


Young Historians! Do you have questions about our kids magazine? Is there a topic you want us to cover? Please send us a note (or drawing). It might appear on our next installment of We've Got Mail. And, as always, happy reading!