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We've Got Mail! Volume 3

We've Got Mail! Volume 3


It's the third installment of our series We've Got Mail. Our editor-in-chief, Brooke, is responding to your reader mail. In case you missed it, be sure to check out our first volume and second volume. We love reading and answering all your questions, so please keep them coming. Let's jump into our next volume!


Postcard 1


Hi Sean,

Thanks so much for writing it! I love all of your suggestions and promise we will be covering a major war very very soon. I personally love learning about war history because it is always more complicated than I ever imagined it would be. 

Thanks again for writing in, and I hope you continue to love the magazines!


Postcard 2


Hi Will,

That’s a great question! King Ludwig II loved fairy tales and their magical qualities. It is difficult to say what exactly he liked about the story of the Swan Knight because records (to my knowledge) don’t say what about the story he liked so much. Regardless of why he liked the story, the image of the swan in and around the castle is really amazing. I highly encourage you to visit the castle if you ever find yourself in Bavaria.


Postcard 3


Hi Fae,

I’m so happy to hear you are enjoying the magazines! You can absolutely purchase all of our past issues! They are available on our website and can be purchased as digital copies on our app as well. 

To answer your other question, our mascot, Percy the Mouse, can be seen hiding in a lot of our past issues. We decided to only feature him in the back of the magazine moving forward because we didn’t want his cute, little face distracting our readers. But please let me know if you like to see Percy hiding in the magazines, and maybe we will bring him back.


Postcard 4


Hi Emmett,

I’m thrilled that you love the illustrations made by our amazing illustrators! Each issue of the magazine is created by different artists (although we do ask a few illustrators to work on several issues) so that each magazine is unique in its own way. The illustrations are some of my favorite parts of the magazine, and we promise to continue creating new magazines filled with exciting topics.