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We've Got Mail! Volume 2

We've Got Mail! Volume 2

Our editor-in-chief, Brooke, is back responding to your reader mail. This is our second installment of our new series We've Got Mail. Be sure to check out our first volume too. 

Here at Honest History we love answering all your questions. Let's dive into our second batch from some curious kids!


Postcard Series Volume 2

Hi Ingrid,

I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed Issue 15 | A Native Story! That issue is very special because it was written and illustrated by Native people. I would love to see the book you made based on the issue! If you can, please send a copy (or pictures) of the book to our PO Box so we can take a look and share it on the next blog post.

Postcard series volume 2

Hi Amelia,

It sounds like you really love science. I do too! We definitely have some fun issues planned for 2023, and some of them will include some fun stories about science. If you can think of any stories in particular you want to learn more about then please let us know. We are always open to your ideas and suggestions and take them into consideration when coming up with the themes of each issue.

Postcard Series Volume 2

Hi Johnny, 

I couldn't agree more! The Adventures of Herbert and Wells is one of my favorite features in each issue of the magazine. Our amazing historian, Heidi, is the one who designs each comic and I think she does an incredible job. I will let her know that you want the comics to be longer and see what she says. Maybe you will see a two page comic in one of our future issues 😊

Postcard Series Volume 2

Hi Claire,

Thanks so much for reading Honest History and being one of our young historians. I love the Golden Rule issue too. We had some amazing conversations with people at Howard University who helped with the research for this issue, and we are so grateful for all of their help. If you want to learn more about West Africa, be sure to check out The Gold Road website for some fun interactive maps and information about different time periods in African history.

Thanks and happy reading!