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We've Got Mail! Volume 1

honest history magazine reader postcard

Who loves getting mail? We certainly do! Getting mail from our young historians is one of the highlights of our day. And while we love reading your mail, we aren’t always able to respond to everyone. But we want to remedy that.

Starting this very moment, our editor-in-chief, Brooke, will regularly respond to your reader mail and answer your questions in our new series, We've Got Mail!

Let's dive into the first batch from some bright kids!

honest history magazine reader postcard

Hi Cassidy,

I agree that rocks and minerals are cool! I will definitely include this as a possible future topic for the magazine or podcast. If you want to learn more about amazing people in geology, Sudipta Sengupta is someone I greatly admire and think more people should know about. 

Stay cool and keep learning!

honest history magazine reader postcard

Hi Oliver,

I love that you want the issues to be longer. I do too! Each issue of Honest History magazine is meant to be an introduction to a topic that is fun and educational for kids. We encourage kids to go out and do their own research and become young historians themselves. The tough truth is we can't fit everything we want to in only 64 pages (or even 128 pages). 

We will, however, look into creating a double issue at some point soon and appreciate your postcard. 

honest history magazine reader postcard

Hi Izzy,

Thank you for the great topic suggestions for future issues. I love the idea of featuring Australia in one of the issues of Honest History and promise it is on our short list (sooner than you may think). 

I also think it is amazing you are related to Grace O’Malley! If you’ve read Issue Two of Honest History, A Pirate’s Tale, then you know how much we love pirate queens, and Grace O’Malley is certainly a legend.

honest history magazine reader postcard

Hi Shiloh,

I’m so happy to hear that you are learning new and exciting facts in the magazine. I’m constantly learning new things by doing research for each issue and hope you continue to find joy in learning about history.

Keep learning, young historian!