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The Spirit of the Games

Issue #8

The Spirit of the Games


Join us on this adventure through the history of the Olympics, from the stories from the early Games in Athens to inspiring tales of modern athletic feats. This issue features the incredible story of the American athlete, Jesse Owens, and how he became an Olympic star in the face of adversity.

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The Spirit of the Games

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What's Inside

Hear from a modern-day Olympian in an interview with swimmer Michael Andrew and learn about the rules of the different Olympic sports. Then, we've included a create-your-own Olympic game so you can head outside to make some history of your own.

In this issue

Running Against All Odds featuring Jesse Owens
A History of Olympic Fashion
Rules of the Games
Moments that Shaped Olympic History
A Flag for Each Nation
Strange Olympic Sports
The Paralympic Games
Splashing to the Finish: An Interview with Olympian Michael Andrew
Coloring Page, Word Search, DIY activities and much more...

Magazine Details

48 full-color pages filled with stories, illustrations and DIY activities
Velvet-touch cover and perfect-bind finish

All print issues include an accompanying interactive, digital edition on the Honest History app.

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