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Erin Conlee
Great for Homeschoolers!

As a homeschooling mom, I'm always looking for things that get children hooked on learning. These magazines are very interesting, full of fascinating information, and appeal to a variety of age levels. I chose the Create-Your-Own Bundle because I wanted to choose things I knew my 7yo would be interested in. We started off with Pirates and Ninjas, but have branched out from there after he discovered he loved the magazines. We make it a special "us" time while we read and enjoy a hot tea and a snuggle too. We both have learned a ton about history and enjoyed ourselves while doing it!

Samantha Echols
My 10 year old loves these

If you’ve got a kiddo that loves to learn, these are amazing. They have puzzles and activities in them as well. He devours them!

Diane Fisher
Love Having a Choice!

I purchased the Create-Your-Own-Bundle and loved having my choice of topics. The magazines are beautiful with an appealing mix of text and illustrations.

Katy Brodski-Quigley

Create-Your-Own Bundle

What a great way to get the volumes you want

Due to frequent moves, it's been easier for us to just buy any missing magazine volumes in bulk instead of a subscription. The create your own bundle helps make these larger purchases more affordable. Thanks!