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honest history magazine issue 13 cover about africa, mansa musa, timbuktu, and salt and gold written for kids ages 6–12

Issue #13

The Golden Rule

 AGES 6 - 12 

Adventure through western Africa and learn about the incredible stories of Mansa Musa, Princess Yennenga, Timbuktu and so much more in Issue Thirteen, The Golden Rule. From the amazing story of the world's richest man to the history of gold and salt trade, you'll learn more about this incredible continent than you ever knew existed.

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What's Inside

How much do you know about the clothing of Africa? How about the ecosystems of the Sahara Desert? The cities and empires of Africa? Young historians will discover all of this and more as they read every page filled with illustrations to bring each story to life. You won't want to miss this one!

In this issue

The Golden King: The Life of Mansa Musa
Oral History and Griots of West Africa
Africa's Influence: The Cities and Empires of Africa
From Here to Timbuktu
Salt and Gold
Journey Across the Land (The Sahara Desert)
Weaving History: The Clothing of Africa
The Brave Librarians
The Legend of Princess Yennenga
... and more

Magazine Details

64 full-color pages filled with stories, illustrations and DIY activities
Velvet-touch cover and perfect-bind finish

All print issues include an accompanying interactive, digital edition on the Honest History app.

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