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honest history magazine issue 9 cover about the renaissance, poets, authors, scientists and inventions written for kids ages 6–12

Issue #9

An Era of Exploration

 AGES 6–12 

Explore the world of the Renaissance with stories of great thinkers and doers who changed history forever. This issue features the incredible, true tales of Leonardo da Vinci and Ira Aldridge, and dives into the history of different Queens who ruled during this era. Learn about the inventions created during the Renaissance, the scientists who changed the world, and the artists who produced some of the most famous artwork in history.

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What's Inside

Is your young historian a fashion icon in the making? Discover the history of fashion during this time period. Or perhaps your young historian loves to write? Learn about the writers of the Renaissance and how they crafted some of history's most recognizable tales. For our hands-on readers, bring a painting to life by creating your own paint using the same methods used by famous Renaissance artists.

Fun fact: does the cover image look familiar to you? It's an interpretation of the famous painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder called Netherlandish Proverbs. Which famous Renaissance characters from the cover can you find?

In this issue

  • The Renaissance Man featuring Leonardo da Vinci
  • The Most Accomplished and Forgotten Shakespearean Actor: Ira Aldridge
  • Fashion History
  • Long Live the Queen
  • The History of Old English
  • Daily Life in Renaissance Europe
  • Writers that Shaped the Renaissance
  • Scientists who Changed the World
  • Michelangelo and the Statue of David
  • Inventions of the Renaissance
  • ... plus activities, coloring pages, and much more!

Magazine Details

  • 68 full-color pages filled with stories, illustrations and DIY activities
  • Velvet-touch cover and perfect-bound finish

All print issues include an accompanying interactive, digital edition on the Honest History app.

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