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Picture of Dishonest Gabe
AGES 6 - 12

A Fun Way for Kids to Learn Honest History

Honest History creates beautiful magazines and books that kids love. Each magazine is a place for kids to explore the past and discover truthful stories of people and events that changed the world. Get yours today.

Where History
Comes Alive

Dive into the world of Honesty History, where stories from history encourage and inspire our children to make a positive impact on our future!
Our Story

Don't Let Your Kids Learn From Dishonest Gabe

Gabe might be joking around, but we aren't! A recent study found that 80% of children can't distinguish fact-based media from ads and sponsored content. #HonestHistoryMatters, especially right now, and we’re here for you.

Get your magazines and watch your kids learn about fact-based stories from the past that will inspire them to create a better future.

Magazine Lovers

So happy to add these amazing magazines to our collection of learning. Not only are they beauties, but they have a great variety of facts, fun, and questions. I knew they were going to be good, but they exceeded my expectations.      
- Monica L.
The stories are so interesting and my grandson enjoys every issue. The biographies are age appropriate and the activities are so fun! The quality of the magazine is excellent and very durable. We look forward to every new issue! Thank you Honest History, I’m so happy with your magazine!    
– Judy M.
Received my editions of Honest History this week. What an immersive, inclusive, and interactive way for kids to learn history! The artists who create this masterpiece every quarter are serving a craft lesson in voice, design, and audience.     
– Kristine C.
I got a subscription for my 6 and 9 year old niece and nephew and they LOVE IT! It’s a fun and educational resource that comes in the mail just for them. Definitely made me the favorite aunt!       
– Chelsea B.

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