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7 Easy-Peasy Holiday Crafts (We Promise!)

Holiday lights tree

‘Tis the season for snuggling up and spending time together—watching movies, reading holiday books, busting out the board games, and crafts! All the crafting right now with kids home for holiday break and underfoot (or maybe they already are for homeschool or virtual learning, and in that case, a round of applause to you super parents). So, here are a few tried-and-true holiday crafts that we vouch for: easy, enjoyed by all, and full of holiday spirit! 

Clay ornaments (from HH Issue 8)
Supplies: salt, water, cornstarch
Make: This craft was one of our favorites from the Honest History archives (Issue Eight | Summer 2020 | The Spirit of the Games, page 39). It’s easy and versatile: Make the medals and host your own Holiday Games tournament; make tree ornaments; make grandparent presents with little handprints—the possibilities are endless with this handmade, moldable clay.
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Make your own menorah
Supplies: 5 empty paper towel or 9 empty toilet paper rolls, paint or markers, construction paper (or tissue paper), scissors
Make: Use the construction paper and draw flames in an appropriate size to the empty rolls. Glue a flame inside each empty tube. Color or paint on each tube however you’d like! Then glue the 9 tubes together (as corresponding to a menorah). Let dry and turn upright to display. (But we do not recommend lighting this one!) 

Popsicle-stick picture ornaments
Supplies: popsicle sticks, glue, markers, any small decorations (pom-poms, stickers, glitter, etc.)
Make: Glue popsicle sticks into shapes (think triangle, rectangle). Cut a photo into appropriate size, and glue onto back with photo facing outward through the shape. Then color, paint, glitter, decorate the popsicle sticks any which way! Affix a pipe cleaner (or string, rubber band, whatever you have on hand) to the top in a loop for an easy way to hang on the Christmas tree.
Bonus: For an easy ornament, no photo needed, just lay 3 or 4 on top of each other in a star formation and glue them together at the center.

candy cane pipe cleaner

Candy cane pipe cleaners
Supplies: red and white pipe cleaners
Make: Twist one red and one white pipe cleaner together for the entire length. Bend the top over to form a candy cane. Adorn the tree! 


Paper chain countdown
Supplies: construction paper, scissors, glue or tape
Make: Cut as many strips as days for the countdown. Start with one strip, and glue or tape the strip as a loop. Thread another strip through, and glue or tape as a link in the first. Once you’ve assembled your chosen number of links, hang up and have your child remove one link per day toward the goal celebration. 
Bonus: Draw or color a sign that represents the goal day, and affix the paper chain to the bottom for easy display!

pine cones

Pom-pom pine cones
Supplies: pine cones (forage outside), glue, pom-poms (optional: glitter, paint)
Make: There’s no right way here, just pure creativity! Drench the pinecone in glue and stick pom-poms away. Sprinkle some glitter, paint a few sides, and viola! 

Create your own paint (from HH Issue 9)

Supplies: water, bowl, strainer (or cheesecloth), paintbrush, watercolor (or thick) paper, mortar and pestle, various colorful pantry items (think turmeric, paprika, coffee, beets even)
Make: Time to encourage your young ones to make their own paint! We love this craft from Issue Nine | Fall 2020 | An Era of Exploration (page 62), as it’s a solid teachable moment from history: There once was a time when all supplies needed to be made, as stores and shopping convenience didn’t exist.
Bonus: Download our app where you can then download the single issue for this recipe, or with a monthly subscription, you’ll have access to every digital issue. 

Honest History kids painting