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 FOR KIDS AGES 8 - 14 

Introducing History Is Worn: A Story of Fashion

Dive into the incredible history of fashion and discover the fascinating stories behind the clothing we wear today. Written by Christine Na-Eun Millar, historical costumer, gamer, mother, and board-certified doctor (not always in that order). 

About the Book

What’s the story behind your shirt, pants, dress, sweater or jacket? It’s much more exciting than you may think.

History Is Worn is the newest hardcover book in the History Is ______ illustrated series by Honest History for kids ages 8–14.

From the history of hoop skirts to African fashion, discover the interesting (and often humorous) story behind clothing from hundreds of years ago. Were corsets really uncomfortable? Did medieval fashion really look the way it does in movies? These stories and much more are brought to life with illustrations and fun activities that provide a hands-on experience with fashion. And, at the end of it all, you just might be able to answer the question about the history behind what you’re wearing today.

About the Author

Christine Na-Eun Millar is a historical costumer, gamer, mother, and board-certified doctor (not always in that


She’s the creator and proprietress of SewStine, an online blog and social media presence focused on costuming 18th century costumes. In particular, she loves focusing on using new technology to recreate the garments from the era of Marie Antoinette and Madam du Pompadour. In particular, she loves to remake the over-the-top court suits and gowns of bygone eras, and then travel the world to wear them in balls in faraway countries—as well as nearby in her home city. She has worn her garments in Versailles, London, and soon, the palaces of Venice. Christine has been featured in Vogue, The New York Times, and Los Angeles Times.

A Peek Inside

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Fashion History is History

Chapter 2: Fashion in the Ancient World

Chapter 3: Fashion in Medieval Europe

Chapter 4: Elizabethan Fashions

Chapter 5: Panniers and Wide Dresses

Chapter 6: 18th Century Men's Fashions

Chapter 7: Transitional Dresses and the Chemise á la Reine

Chapter 8: Regency Fashion

Chapter 9: Crinolines

Chapter 10: The Bustle Era

Chapter 11: Late Victorian and Edwardian Fashions

Chapter 12: Asian Fashions

Chapter 13: African Fashion

Chapter 14: A History of Corsets

Chapter 15: 1910s to Flapper Era

Chapter 16: Fashion Today

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