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Customer Reviews

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Amanda McKay
Love the flexibility

I love the flexibility of creating a bundle. It’s allowed me to pick which issue goes with what unit we’re currently studying. I’ve been really impressed with the content as well.

Neesha Kurian

My kids love these so much! Thanks for creating such an amazing product.

Erin Conlee
Great for Homeschoolers!

As a homeschooling mom, I'm always looking for things that get children hooked on learning. These magazines are very interesting, full of fascinating information, and appeal to a variety of age levels. I chose the Create-Your-Own Bundle because I wanted to choose things I knew my 7yo would be interested in. We started off with Pirates and Ninjas, but have branched out from there after he discovered he loved the magazines. We make it a special "us" time while we read and enjoy a hot tea and a snuggle too. We both have learned a ton about history and enjoyed ourselves while doing it!

Samantha Echols
My 10 year old loves these

If you’ve got a kiddo that loves to learn, these are amazing. They have puzzles and activities in them as well. He devours them!

Diane Fisher
Love Having a Choice!

I purchased the Create-Your-Own-Bundle and loved having my choice of topics. The magazines are beautiful with an appealing mix of text and illustrations.