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Viking Poop: Smelling the Past

Can you imagine what the dinosaurs smelled like? What about Roman toilets? Were Egyptian mummies nice to sniff? We’re about to find out, and more importantly, we’re going to discover why on earth museums are pumping these stinky smells into their exhibits. Believe it or not, it’s all down to the Vikings. This is the story of Viking smells, and how they transformed the way we understand history.

About Honest History

Honest History creates award-winning books, magazines, and this show for young historians across the world. Our mission is to inspire kids to create a positive impact on history themselves. 


This episode was hosted by Randall Lawrence, written by Liam R. Findlay, and produced by Randall Lawrence and Robot Pirate Media. Original theme music was written and recorded by Luke Messimer. A very special thanks to AromaPrime in the UK for creating this episode.