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Uncovering Khufu: A Rare Find


Do you love buried treasure and finding objects from long ago that have a story to tell? Imagine growing up and becoming a professional treasure seeker (well, kind of). Join archaeologist Annelise Baer and adventure through one of history’s greatest finds—an enormous boat buried next to Akhet-Khufu, the incredible pyramid built for Khufu, an ancient Egyptian king. Discover the incredible artifacts uncovered during the excavation and learn about the methods used by archaeologists to provide clues to the past. There are still unanswered questions that are being solved today—can you help decipher the clues?

About the Host

Annelise Baer is an archaeologist and producer from Los Angeles. She holds a BA in Classical Civilizations with a minor in Archaeology from Loyola Marymount University, and a MA in Archaeology for Screen Media from the University of Bristol. She combines her unique skills and experience from over a decade in both the entertainment industry and the archaeological/academic world to help create interesting, engaging and exciting factual programming that brings stories from the past to a 21st century audience.

About Honest History

Honest History creates award-winning books, magazines, and this show for young historians across the world. Our mission is to inspire kids to create a positive impact on history themselves. Learn more at and @honesthistory.


This episode was written by Heidi Coburn and produced by Randall Lawrence. Original theme music was written and recorded by Luke Messimer.