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True North


Who was the first person to reach the actual North Pole? Most people have never heard of Matthew Henson, a Black American explorer who dared to go on an adventure north in 1909. Discover his incredible journey from a sailor to a bonafide explorer who made history. From blizzards to his friendship with the Innuit to finally setting foot at the North Pole, join the adventure and learn about a story often untold in history.

About the Host

Thomas Lundy is a director, writer and stand-up comedian from Portland, OR.

About Honest History

Honest History creates award-winning books, magazines, and this show for young historians across the world. Our mission is to inspire kids to create a positive impact on history themselves. Learn more at and @honesthistory.


This episode was written by Heidi Coburn and produced by Randall Lawrence. Original theme music was written and recorded by Luke Messimer.