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Speak Up: Rigoberta Menchú Tum


Have you ever been upset because of something that happened to your friends or family? How did you help them? Join host Julia Corral and learn about a woman who spoke out against the injustices that her people faced. Rigoberta Menchú Tum was born in a small village in Guatemala. As descendants of the indiginous Maya, the people in her village faced persecution from the descendants of the Spaniards. As she grew up, Rigoberta spoke out about these injustices and eventually won a Nobel Peace Prize for her work. Discover this incredible story of a woman not afraid to ask for a better life.

About the Host

Julia Corral is based out of the PNW.  She is a Latina host and producer, and she focuses on featuring underrepresented voices. Julia has sat on different panels in Portland talking about diversity. When she isn’t working, she is with her husband and dog eating and exploring, but mostly eating.

About Honest History

Honest History creates award-winning books, magazines, and this show for young historians across the world. Our mission is to inspire kids to create a positive impact on history themselves. Learn more at and @honesthistory.


This episode was written by Heidi Coburn and produced by Randall Lawrence. Original theme music was written and recorded by Luke Messimer.