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Hydna's Daring Sabotage


Do you love to swim? Or adventure? Or stories of ancient wars? In this episode, we'll get a big dose of all three as we discover the story of Hydna of Scione and her daring act of sabotage in the war between the Greeks and Persians. Join host Randall Lawrence and travel back to ancient Greece for a lesson about courage, bravery, and loyalty. Hydna learned to swim at a young age and she used this skill during the war in a heroic act of defiance against the Persian invaders. Her story was so incredible that it was recorded in history during a time when many stories were ignored or forgotten. So, pack your bags and let's travel to ancient Greece.

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This episode was written by Heidi Coburn and produced by Arlo Weierhauser. Original theme music was written and recorded by Luke Messimer.