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Fast Food in Pompeii

Do you love to eat? Who doesn’t? Let’s head back to the intriguing world of Pompeii's thermopolium, a type of fast food restaurant that existed over two thousand years ago. These bustling eateries were the social hub of Pompeii and served up piping hot food to the city's residents and travelers. In 2019, a team of archaeologists made an incredible discovery when they uncovered a well-preserved thermopolium in the city's ruins. Inside, they found a wealth of artifacts, including pots, jars, and even traces of the food that was once served there. It’s time to uncover the story of this fascinating discovery and what it tells us about daily life in ancient Pompeii.

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This episode was hosted by Zak Toscani, written by Heidi Coburn, and produced by Randall Lawrence. Original theme music was written and recorded by Luke Messimer.