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A History of . . . History: Leopold von Rank

What exactly is “history” and how do historians decide between fact and fiction? This week, we dive into the story of Leopold von Ranke—one of the most famous historians you may have never heard of. Join Joshua Zurbrick as he tells us the fascinating history of … well, history as we know it, and explore the beginnings of “scientific history”—an enormously important way of looking at stories from the past.

About the Host

Joshua Zurbrick is the host of Obscure History, a weekly podcast that dives into the dustiest corners of the past to find interesting stories that should have been in our history textbooks but weren't. In addition to producing Obscure History, Joshua loves indie-rock, literary fiction, and carefully crafting playlists on Spotify.

About Honest History

Honest History creates award-winning books, magazines, and this show for young historians across the world. Our mission is to inspire kids to create a positive impact on history themselves. Learn more at and @honesthistory.


This episode was written by Heidi Coburn and produced by Randall Lawrence. Original theme music was written and recorded by Luke Messimer.


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