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Resources for Parents and Kids: Israel and Palestine

Illustration of people waving Israeli and Palestinian flags


Honest History magazine Issue 23 cover about israel and palestine

Our latest issue, Issue 23| A Home to Many, explores the history of Israel and Palestine. It is our hope that by learning more about this region’s past, kids will begin to understand the conflict today.

We’re sharing some additional resources to help kids (and parents) dive deeper into this topic. We hope it will spark discussion and inspire young historians to continue learning.



Researchers and Aspiring Academics

Don’t know where to start? Here are some resources that will help you begin your research journey. Many of these texts emphasize the use of primary sources and multiple perspectives.


A History of the Arab–Israeli Conflict by Ian J. Bickerton, Carla L. Klausner: This comprehensive text about the conflict strives to be balanced and impartial in its retelling of history. Now in its ninth edition, the book begins in the nineteenth century and covers events up until 2021. Complete with photographs and primary source documents, A History of the Arab–Israeli Conflict helps readers learn about this important topic.  


Arabs and Israelis: Conflict and Peacemaking in the Middle East by Abdel Monem Said Aly, Shai Feldman, and Khalil Shikaki: This book aims to present multiple perspectives on the conflict while also providing basic information about the region's history. Written by a team of leading scholars, it was the first university textbook to be written from a Palestinian, Israeli, and broader Arab viewpoint. Readers can learn about the opposing narratives behind the conflict and how these have impacted peacemaking efforts.


Image of Jerusalem from 1844 by Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey.


Palestinian and Israeli Poetry: Issue 23 features the poets Fadwa Tuqan and Lea Goldberg. Poetry can be a helpful tool to understand the experiences of Palestinians and Israelis and the impact of the conflict on their lives. In this book, readers can explore the poetry of Palestinian writers, like Fadwa Tuqan, and their work over the past seventy years. The Hebrew poems of Israeli writers have been translated into English in this text. We encourage researchers to dive into these works as they continue to learn about the history of the conflict.


The Bronze Age City at ‘En Esur: As we know, the ancient lands that are now Israel and Palestine are filled with incredible history. In Issue 23, we interviewed archaeologists who are doing important work uncovering the Bronze Age history of the area. To learn more about their discoveries at ‘En Esur, students can read articles and conference proceedings detailing the excavations at the site.


 Ancient city wall uncovered at 'En Esur. Image credit: HanayCC BY-SA 3.0.

Parents and Educators

Use these resources to create your very own curriculum for your students or kids at home.


Teach Mideast: The Middle East Policy Council has created a list of resources to help students learn about the conflict and spark meaningful conversations. Using their website, you can explore country profiles, articles, lesson plans, teaching materials, YouTube videos, books, and podcasts about Palestine and Israel.


Institute for Curriculum Services: Teaching the Arab-Israeli Conflict can be daunting to many educators and parents. The ICS has created curriculum to help them navigate this topic. This free curriculum is designed for grades 6-12 so educators can use it to build lesson plans and resources for their younger children.


 Yitzhak Rabin, Bill Clinton, and Yasser Arafat during the Oslo Accords
on 13 September 1993. Image credit: Wikimedia.


Young Historians

Dive into these picture books to uncover the rich history and culture of Israel and Palestine.


Yosef’s Dream by Sylvia Rouss, illustrated by Tamar Blumenfeld: This beautifully illustrated book follows the story of Yosef, a Jewish boy in Ethiopia, and his dream of finding a new home. The imagined story is based on Israel’s rescue mission in 1991 called Operation Solomon. Yosef’s Dream explores the themes of cultural identity and belonging as Yosef and his family find a new home in Israel.


Yaffa and Fatima: Shalom, Salaam by Fawzia Gilani-Williams, illustrated by Chiara Fedele: This picture book tells the story of Yaffa and Fatima, neighbors of different faiths, who share a deep friendship. The book is a retelling of a folktale, which has both Jewish and Arab origins. It offers a message of kindness, peace, and respect for diverse cultures.



We Are Palestinian: A Celebration of Culture and Tradition by Reem Kassis, illustrated by Noha Eilouti: Packed with colorful illustrations, this book explores the land, history, and rich heritage of the Palestinian people. From popular foods like knafeh to the lively Dabke dance, We are Palestinian introduces young readers to Palestinian culture and the traditions that bind Palestinians together.


If you want to learn more about Palestine and Israel, we hope you’ll check out our kids magazine Issue 23 | A Home to Many. Stay tuned as we continue to share research tips and resources for future issues!