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Make a Leap Year Time Capsule

Leap Year Time Capsule

It's Leap Year! And we have the perfect activity to mark this special occasion. Use our worksheets to create a Leap Year Time Capsule that kids can open the next time February 29th rolls around. This activity will encourage them to be historians of their own lives as they think about what they want to remember in 2028. 

What You’ll Need:

Print out the Leap Year Time Capsule Cover and decorate with markers or colored pencils. Cut on the dotted line and glue or tape the cover to the top of your box. 

Leap Year Time Capsule worksheet

Next print and fill out the worksheets. Once these are done, place them inside the box.

Feel free to add other objects to your time capsule. Maybe you want to add pictures of your family or pets? Or how about a recent drawing you made? The sky is the limit (as long as it fits)!

Leap Year Time Capsule with worksheets and picture

Once you've put everything in the box, close the lid and store it in a safe place. Remember, the next you'll open the time capsule, it will be February 29, 2028. You want to store it somewhere you can find it! 

For more history-inspired crafts, don’t forget to check out our kids magazine! Each issue features unique activities that will spark their curiosity and keep them learning.