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Field Trip: Backyard Bug Hunt

Activity worksheet and illustration of Maria Sibylla Merian


Summer is a great time to explore the outdoors. Of course, we’re not the only creatures enjoying the sunshine. All around us, we can hear the buzz and chirp of insects. Bugs can be disruptive to our outdoor picnics, but they are incredibly important to our local ecosystems. For centuries, scientists (called entomologists) have been uncovering the strange and fascinating world of insects.


We explored one of these trail-blazing entomologists in Issue 9 | An Era of Exploration. Her name is Maria Sibylla Merian. In the 17th century, Merian painted beautiful illustrations of caterpillars, butterflies, and moths that revolutionized how we study insects today. She is the inspiration behind this week's field trip: a backyard bug hunt. 


Maria Sibylla Merian and Illustration of caterpillar
Portrait of Maria Sibylla Merian (left) and her illustration showing the metamorphosis of a small emperor moth (right). Image credit: Rijksmuseum. 


Download our Backyard Bug Hunt Activity here. This worksheet doubles as a coloring page. Just like Maria Sibylla Merian, kids can explore the outdoors while identifying the insects all around them. It’s time to get outside and find some bugs! 


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