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DIY Gifts Kids Can Make for the Holidays

clay charm, crochet snowflake, puzzle purse, penguin ornament


We have officially entered the holiday season! This year, we wanted to share some of our favorite DIY gifts that let kids show their creativity. These easy crafts will make the perfect gifts for teachers, friends, or family members during this festive time of year. 


Egg carton penguin ornament


Build an egg carton penguin ornament: First, make your penguin using these steps. After your penguin is assembled, add a string or ribbon to transform it into a holiday ornament. To do this, poke two holes at the top of the penguin and pull a ribbon through the holes to make a loop. Make sure to tie the ends of the ribbon so it doesn’t slip out. Once your ornament is complete, you can hang it from your car's rearview mirror or a Christmas tree!


Pencil and pen holder


Create a handmade pencil holder: Do you have an empty jar lying around? Recycle it by turning it into a personalized pencil holder! To make this fun desk accessory, kids can paint and mod podge pictures onto their jars. It’s best to paint the inside of the jar so the paint doesn’t rub or peel. Then, cut out shapes or images to glue onto the outside. Check out these instructions for inspiration.   


Victorian puzzle purse

Make a Victorian puzzle purse for someone you love: 
For this DIY present, you only need a piece of paper and some markers or colored pencils. Watch this video to understand how to fold it, or use this tutorial for step-by-step instructions. 

After you’ve folded your puzzle purse, don’t forget to add your secret message in the center! Decorate the paper with snowflakes or your favorite wintertime foods to make the perfect holiday gift.


Clay charm

Design a clay charm for a necklace or key chain:
 Kids can make a simple charm for their family, friends, or teachers this holiday season. Use these directions to create this one-of-a-kind gift. All you need is some oven-bake clay, a paintbrush, and paint! Tie your charm to a ribbon to make a necklace or attach it to a key ring to make a fun key chain.


Crochet star

Crochet a decorative snowflake:
Are there any young knitters in your family? They will love this activity! These beautiful snowflakes can used as ornaments, table decorations, or even hair accessories (just attach it to a hair clip). 


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