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We Launched A Podcast! Introducing "Anytime Now"

Anytime Now Honest History podcast

We’re so excited to share our latest and greatest: Anytime Now, a podcast by Honest History! Created for our young historians, we’ll be delivering biweekly episodes that transport you to the past through engaging sounds and stories about some of history’s most fascinating people. We want to help you explore the tales you may not find in your school textbook, from daring escapes to ingenious inventions. Anytime Now transports kids back in time with the incredible sounds and stories of the past! (You can listen now anywhere podcasts are streamed, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and iHeart Radio.)

Our bite-sized, engaging episodes are narrated by historians, creators, lawyers, explorers, entertainers, and educators who love history. These are the stories of real events and real people. In true Honest History fashion, we encourage kids to dive deep into each story, inspiring them to create a positive impact on history themselves. Join the adventure and travel with us to any time right now!


Episode One: The Incredible Crafts

Are you ready for an incredible adventure? Join Clare Brown in our premiere episode as she tells us about the daring escape of Ellen and William Craft—the couple who traveled 1,000 miles to escape slavery. How did they accomplish this brave journey? Hop aboard as we travel with the Crafts and find out. Though we should tell you, this is a secret journey, so it’s best to bring a disguise. LISTEN HERE 


“Disguised as a white man and a servant, Ellen and William Craft fooled everyone to get their freedom. A story no one would ever forget.”


About Clare Brown

Clare Brown is a corporate marketer by day and a social media influencer by night. She is passionate about questioning the status quo and providing a well-rounded education to all. Follow her on social media @clarabellcwb.

Questions to ponder

Would you have been brave enough to “escape” out in the wide-open? Why or why not?

Why is it significant that Ellen, the daughter of a Black slave and her White master, was able to pass as White?

What creative ways are you daring in your daily life? 


Episode Two: Ada Lovelace, Making It Count

Have you ever heard of a computer program? How about the first person to publish one? Join Craig Benzine, aka WheezyWaiter, as he takes us into the amazing imagination of Augusta Ada King, the Countess of Lovelace. Born in 1815, this mathematician was far ahead of her time and dared to journey where no woman had before. From flying horses to modern computers, Ada Lovelace dared to imagine a world plucked from the future. LISTEN HERE

“She dreamed of a world where machines could do incredible things. Ada would have been excited to see the laptops and computers we use today. The world she imagined, over 200 years ago, finally came true.”

About Craig Benzine

Craig Benzine (aka WheezyWaiter) is a creator, actor, and general inspiration who has created thousands of videos since 2007 in order to quiet the "I should do somethings" in his brain. Follow his adventures at @WheezyWaiter and wherever good content exists.

Questions to ponder

If you had a “big idea” (we hope you have!), how did you pursue it? 

What is a mistake you had to fix and ended up learning from? 

How did Ada’s love for math translate to her big ideas about programming?