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An Honest Update

Honest History Issue 1 Swan King

Dear readers,
It's been a busy year for us at Honest History. Our issue on Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, War of the Currents, sold more copies than we expected and we've been busy stuffing and stamping envelopes and becoming experts at the US Postal Service.

We're currently busy working on our next issue and are excited to reveal the topic in the upcoming weeks. For this issue, we've gone back further than ever before, exploring some of the greatest stories and characters in history. This means we've been busy making weekly (and sometimes daily) trips to the library to pour over material in our research phase to make sure that everything your young historian reads is as accurate as possible.

We'd also like to officially welcome Heidi Coburn to the team, joining a few months ago as our staff historian. A PhD graduate from the University of Cambridge, Heidi is leading research and we're very excited for what she brings to the magazine and to you, the reader. As you know, we value integrity in our writing and are fortunate to now have an expert in this field on the team. Heidi hails from Los Angeles and also writes and illustrates for the magazine.

Finally, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign for the magazine. As anyone who has started a business knows, it takes time to grow and we've been incredibly fortunate to have the support of our readers to this point. The feedback from you has been incredible and we aim to continue growing so we can deliver Honest History to your door and into the hands of our young historians. We are raising funds to grow awareness of the magazine and to help produce our future issues. This is a vitally important time for us as a business and we are working diligently to make sure that all young historians will have Honest History as a resource well into the future. Please watch the video below and consider donating. For every donation, we have some incredible rewards lined up that aren't available on our website, nor will they be available after the campaign ends. Rewards include custom illustrations and special sponsorships.

Visit the Campaign Page