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Making Memories on Mother’s Day

Mother and daughter walking

This Sunday we celebrate and love the moms in our lives for Mother’s Day. Taking place the second Sunday of May every year, Mother’s Day became an official holiday in the US in 1914. The day is traditionally celebrated with flowers, cards and spending time with the matriarch in your lives. One of the best gifts you can give on this day is the gift of time. Spend this special day (and more!) with your loved ones and create some everlasting memories. Here are some fun ideas to spark your Sunday!

  1. Go on a nature walk. Spend quality time and leave the phones at home. Whether its a walk around your neighborhood or a walk in a community garden, fresh air and sunshine is a perfect way to honor Moms. 

    History is Delicious kids cooking
  2. Make breakfast as a family! Everyone can provide a helping hand in the kitchen. Designate a role for everyone and see how quickly the work gets done as a team. Our go to breakfast? French Toast

  3. Capture the memories with a family photoshoot. Any time is the perfect time to photograph the simple moments. Or better yet, put your arts and crafts skills to the test, and draw your own portraits of each other. 

    Issue 9 Honest History painting craft
  4. Let’s get crafty! Look in your fridge and cabinet and find some simple ingredients to create your own paint and spend some time for yourself. Let your inner creativity flow onto your canvas. (Or kids can do some last minute cards *wink wink*)—special BONUS: download the instructions to create your own paint from Issue Nine of our kids magazine here.

  5. Wanna take advantage of a Lazy Sunday? Simply put on your favorite pajamas, grab pillows and blankets and your favorite movie snacks and have a movie day marathon (mom’s picks of course!)